High Quality Replications of paintings and murals are available for purchase! I do my all of my printing through Pitch Black Printing in Reno Nevada. Pitch Black provides the BEST quality prints in town, and are locally owned by supportive arts advocates in Reno. 
Prints are  available at local arts fairs or you can order them through my contact page. You can pick up your print and pay at Pitch Black Printing. 
If you wish to have your print shipped, understand there will be an additional shipping and packaging fee of $6.50. If you wish to have your print shipped, please indicate in your message through the contact page and include your address. Your print will be shipped once I receive payment via Paypal or Venmo. 
Pricing is size and quality dependent. Size and price will be confirmed via email. 
36" prints $35-$45
24" prints $25-45


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