As a child I was obsessed with make believe. Reality was always a boring comparison to the ideas I could conjure up in my head. I after finding my way to paint and brush, I had finally found a method of communication in which I could celebrate and relish in the land of possibility in my head, and now I was able to share my world with others.  I believe that imagination is our saving grace and the only antidote to a world has unvalued creativity, play, and hands-on experience. I have studied painting at the University of Nevada Reno for the past four years and have developed a language using animals and whimsical setting to translate my ideas of dreamlike possibility. 
I have been inspired by children’s illustration, toys, and film because of the way these images fight against a structured world that must play by the rules. Children do not put barriers around their imagination, and by creating pieces that are inspired by this lack of restraint my hope is to inspire people from all walks of life and ages to do the same. 

My work can currently be found on display at businesses and galleries in Reno, Nevada. For information on prints or original purchases, please contact by phone or email. 

instagram: @kaekittymcg
phone: (775) 622-5828

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